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 Naked Hiking (Free Hiking)

About Me

Yes, this is about my journey of baring, or rather shedding, fears, negative emotions, and beliefs that have been holding me back for decades. Shedding a layer, to then find the next layer, and so on that needs to be bared and discarded. Clothing seems such an appropriate symbol of those layers. The more clothes you take off, the more vulnerable one feels.

An active hiker who has discovered the wonderful experience of forest bathing naked. Yes that’s right, hiking without any clothes! I had dabbled with this way of hiking previously finding the risk/reward more than acceptable for an occasional experience. I wasn’t ready to really start the shedding (baring) process that I internally felt, just didn’t understand it at that time.

It wasn’t until I had the profound joy of hiking naked in Vermont for some consecutive days, without the risk, that I came to embrace this new freedom, or rather the shedding of negative baggage, for me.

Having the freedom of feeling the forest energy across all of my skin, along with the sensation of going into and out of the sunshine, now prompts me to hike this way everyday if possible. Being fully and completely open and vulnerable (totally naked and visible to any whom I encountered) gave me the ability to accept who I am without shame or guilt. Emotions of fear, doing the wrong thing, not acceptable, were felt and then discounted. Not discard entirely, this will take time.

This is a new and learning, growth journey for me and my girlfriend (Julie), whom is quite understanding and supportive of me on this journey. At this time most of my “baring it all” (naked hiking) is focused on Vermont. The closest state that allows public nudity and which has varied and wonderful hiking trails



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Potential Activities

May 1, 2024

Starting May (hopefully) personal hikes by INVITATION ONLY

Various VT locations

June 8, 2024

WNBR Montplier

Montplier, VT

June 20, 2024

Summer Solstice Hike - Hike Naked Day

Southern Vermont